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Our unlimited Bootcamp membership allows you to attend as many Bootcamp group classes as you like each month. New workouts everyday, never the same workout twice!

Our 24/7 Freestyle Gym membership gives you access to our gym at any

time, day or night. You can get in, get your workout in, & get out. Whenever

it's convenient for you. 


  Our Punchcards are for 10 Bootcamp    classes & are good for 3 months. This  option is perfect for those with a busy schedule that want to attend our

 classes when they can, but can't

commit to everyday.




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I love this 24/7 gym! I have been working out here for about 6-7 months now & it's been everything I needed to reach my fitness & weight lifting goals. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable for recommending specific lifts or stretches to help with certain muscle groups! The weight room here has every machine you need to complete a full workout for any & all muscle groups. It's not a busy gym either, so you never have to wait for equipment to open up. It makes supporting this local gym easy!


Love this gym! The workouts are different every day. The trainers are helpful to those at all skill levels. Everyone is friendly & encouraging!

                                            -- Amy

Great gym if you are looking for a welcoming environment, personally just use the basic gym & it has everything you would need. They also have tons of really good class options available. Trainers/owner are super friendly & have been really good resources for tips & improvements. Highly recommend giving it a try if you are thinking about it!


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